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About House Painting offers a wide rage of painting solutions.

Our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship guarantees you the best possible paint finish.

Hire a painter per hour

You can hire a painter per the hour or if your painting yourself but need help? Hire one or more of our painters to work along side you for a day or as long as you need. We can assist in all stages of your painting project to ensure it’s a job done right.

Decking oil & coatings
New and old decks.
Revival of weathered decks and outdoor/garden furniture brings old up like new.

Stain doors to match windows

Matching of doors and windows up to existing colours.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning furniture  Pressure clean drive ways always comes up nice

Replacing of glass or the putty around the glass.

Spray Painting
Fast and effective. Great for such thing as new homes, lattice, ceilings, roofs and factories.

Ragged leave effect

Specialized finishes
Rag Rolling
Suede Effects
Pearl Lustre

Low toxic paint available
Low Odour and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) Formula paints.
Great for people with asthma and allergies or a dislike of paint odours and fumes. A must for using around hospitals, kindergartens, vets and accommodation.

Bathroom paint
Designed to prevent mould. It is available in low sheen or semi gloss finish where frequent cleaning may be required.

Odour eliminator
Eliminates or greatly reduces the unpleasant odours associated with fresh paint.

Mould killer paint additive
Is a powerful long lasting mould killer which can be added to paint which prevents the formation of mould on the surface.

Your garden
People spend a lot of time and money on their plants so we do our best to work around them and keep them clean.

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